I know what you're thinking after reading the headline: not another Worldwide Brands review!  But don't worry – I'm not going to just talk about worldwide Brands again.  I'm going to compare it to it's closest competitor, another directory of certified suppliers called Salehoo.

Both Salehoo and Worldwide Brands are directories of certified drop shippers, manufacturers and of course wholesalers.  They list suppliers from around the world, and from them millions of products that are available at trade prices.  The membership for Worldwide Brands is $249 as of 2018 (there's a $50 discount at the moment) and Salehoo costs $67 per year.

Although Worldwide Brands starts off as the most expensive of the two, as the $249 is for lifetime membership and there are no extra costs, it works out to be cheaper than Salehoo (which has an annual fee of $67) after about four years.  As well as access to all of the contacts in their directories, these membership fees entitle you to use extras like market research tools, forums and customer support as well.

The biggest differences between the two directories though is the number of products that you can buy from the wholesalers and drop shippers listed inside.  While both Salehoo and Worldwide Brands have about 8,000 suppliers listed, Salehoo lists only about 2.5 million products from these suppliers whereas Worldwide Brands has over 16 million in total as of 2018.

You've probably heard of Shopify and Worldwide Brands – two popular tools that new e-commerce businesses use to set up shop and find suppliers – but how well do they work together?

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands was established in 1999 and is the oldest directory of wholesalers and drop shippers.  It's also the largest by a long way too, with more than 15 million wholesale products from about 8,400 certified suppliers.

Using Worldwide Brands is very manual though – you need to search the directory and then contact suppliers that are listed individually and buy from them separately – you cannot buy through Worldwide Brands itself.


Shopify is probably the most popular e-commerce platform at the moment – perhaps because it's cheap and easy to use.  Shopify also works with a large number of apps, made by third parties but also their in house development team.


Shopify has a lot of apps – such as Oberlo, which is used to import products directly from Ali Express – but there is no Worldwide Brands app and so no direct integration.

To use Worldwide Brands and Shopify together you would need to manually list every product in Shopify's interface for sale.  Unfortunately it seems that this is likely to remain the case for some time, as there are no plans for a Worldwide Brands app.

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