Before we get ahead of ourselves and I start tossing product recommendations, we first have to address a very important issue:” What sort of rice cooker do you need?”. Well, fret not. I’ve prepared a handy list which I believe everyone who has not bought a rice cooker before, should go through before actually marching off to buy one.

Best Rice Cooker Buying Guide – Hints and Tips

Size & Style

With more and more brands in competition, we consumers are flooded with choices of rice cookers in the market. As such, know what size of a cooker you want. (note: size of cooker and capacity of cooker are different) Some people might want a huge square purple rice cooker, while some might opt for a petite white cooker. Make sure you know what you like.


Capacity is definitely important. Knowing what capacity you need is even more important. Make sure you ask yourself questions such as: Is your family growing or growing up and moving out? Are you interested in increasing your culinary ‘experiments’? Do you JUST want cook rice? You might just want to cook for 2 people, 2 meals a day or you might want to cook for your extended family of 12 for dinner. I, have a cook for a restaurant, thus, I have a really HUGE rice cooker. Make sure you know how much you need.


What sort of settings you are looking for when you want to buy a rice cooker? Do you want a cooker that just.. cooks? Or might you intend to make congee one day, soups the next, and cook all sorts of different rice types? Do you want a rice cooker with multiple settings or just one? Make sure you know what you need. You wouldn’t want to spend lavish money on settings you don’t need.

More than Rice

For some people (like me), I use my rice cooker for more than cooking rice. Apart from merely cooking rice, certain models have multiple functions in one. They can range from cooking pasta, steam vegetables, and even double up as a steam/slow cooker! So, make sure you know if you’re going to need all these extra features before you make your purchase.

Well, apart from these few hints and pointers, other aspects you might want to consider would be how easy is it to clean, and features such as is the rice cooker cordless, or the rice cooking bowl is detachable or not. All these, though seem trivial, would serve as conveniences in the long run.

The Cuckoo Company was founded in South Korea as the Sunkwang Electronics Company in 1978 — the name change came in 2002, to match the brand name of the products for which the company had become best known, a line of small home appliances, the most popular of which are the rice cookers.

What makes the Cuckoo rice cookers different than the rest, other than the technology, is the result: a glutinous rice cooked sticky enough for chopsticks, done in less than fifteen minutes, or, depending on the rice, as quickly as two minutes.

Specifications for the Cuckoo CRP-HD1010F Rice Cooker:

– Weight: Twelve pounds (5.4 kg)

– Type: IH (Induction Heating) System

– Non-stick cooking container, with scale lines for portions

– Voice-automated response system

– Wide-View LCD to view status of rice cooking process

– Multiple Safety Features

– Capacity: Enough rice for ten people

– Available in Ivory/silver or ivory/red color-scheme

The Induction Heating technology of a Cuckoo Rice Cooker is different from the conventional methods that use heat from a single heat plate. A magnetic field generates and distributes the heat evenly within the inner pot. All IH inner pots are made of five layers to make best use of the magnetic induction.

The innovative Total Pressure Containment (TPC) system has both a solid pressure-activated solenoid-valve and a soft steam-cap that work together to reduce excessive pressure while cooking.

The advanced fuzzy-logic computer technology is used internally to allow precision heat control for the optimum result. As the rice cooks, the voice-automation feature speaks to guide you through the process, explains what you see on the LCD screen, and tells you the next step.

The CRP-HD1010F Rice Cooker makes rice that is shinier and sticker than any produced by all other types of electric rice cookers. You can set the cooking menu to cook brown rice, white rice, or a mixture of the two — you can also steam rice cakes, sushi rice, stews of steamed meat, or even a sponge cake! And, when you’re not cooking with the Cuckoo Rice Cooker, you can use it to store rice — it’s best, though, to use the rice within one day.

And, not only is the Cuckoo CRP-HD1010F Rice Cooker quick for cooking, with a family-size ten-person capacity, it’s also beautiful in its design and color-scheme. Definitely worth the price, this rice cooker will be a valuable addition to any kitchen.

The Tatung rice cooker is the center of nearly every Taiwanese kitchen and has been for generations. Sales continue to rise even though the competition has introduced more high-tech models into the market in the last 20 years. One reason for the continued success of the Tatung rice cooker is its versatility. It serves for making soup, stews, traditional medicines, heating up leftovers as well as making rice. The design has changed very little in the four decades since it was first introduced and is still considered the best rice cooker on the market.

The Tatung TRC-CUD / TRC-10UD rice cooker is the lowest priced model. It can cook 6 or 10 cups of rice perfectly and keep it warm for up to 8 hours, so it is ready to serve for lunch and dinner. It can also steam sea food, meat, vegetables, and it has a slow cooker temperature to make a whole meal at one time. This model comes in white with small flowers and is very easy to clean, because the inner cooking pan is removable and the cord detaches.

The TRC-CUD 5.5 cup is a small rice cooker, very inexpensive, that offers all the features of the larger models plus a non-stick inner pot and cooking pot.

The Tatung TRC-8FZ rice cooker is more modern and has push button electronic operation with an LED timing display. It is white, but has a stainless steel lid, and the inner pan also comes out for easy cleaning. Never again will rice be wasted because it is over cooked or under cooked.

The Tatung TAC-11KN(UD) Stainless Steel rice cooker is stainless steel inside and out. All of the accessories including lid, inner cover, steamer plate and inner pot are stainless steel. It cooks 10 cups of rice, has a warmer and steamer function and is very durable. It uses 800 W of power and requires 120V/60Hz.

Tatung rice cookers are inexpensive compared to other brands, but they are a high quality kitchen appliance that will rarely break down or need repair. The cooker is heated by a plate that contains a single element of 3.6cm diameter wire that directly heats the contents of the pot. The heat is evenly distributed which is how the rice gets evenly cooked. The pots are cast by pouring liquid aluminum into a mold, which is a more costly way of manufacturing, but the thickness and shape of the pots also ensure evenly cooked rice. Each model comes with a measuring cup, spatula, steam tray and holder.

The 10 cup tiger rice cooker cooks rice to perfection. If you want to make rice that is fluffy, tasty and nutritious in the shortest span of time, the tiger 10 cup rice cooker is your best bet. With the push of a single control button you can churn out amazing and beautiful rice. Known as the tiger of Japan for its incredible and high quality of cooking, with the 10 cup tiger rice cooker, you can cook ten cups of rice and also keep it warm till serving time.

Features of the tiger 10 cup rice cooker:

Water level marker:

The tiger rice cooker 10 cups has even marking on the inner cooking surface of the rice cooker that makes measuring water easy.


The tiger 10 cup rice cooker also has durable and high quality handles that makes it easy to safely move the cooker along with quicker and more efficient handling. The spherical design of the cooking container results in an even distribution of heat. It is coated with high quality non-stick PTFE material for easy cleaning and quick drying.


The 10 cup tiger rice cooker has different lights for the warm mode and the cooking mode. The keep warm feature ensures that the rice is maintained at serving temperature over the next twelve hours.


Steaming pans, a spatula and a measuring cup are sold with the tiger 10 cup rice cooker. They come in handy for measuring and transferring the rice to the rice cooker. The power cord is of the retractable type for easy storage.


The choice of buying a rice cooker depends upon certain factors such as the number of family members to be served and the time it takes to cook the food. Red rice cooker fits the bill if you are looking for a quality piece that can serve all your family. You can choose the size based upon the number of cups. Also, the rice cooked in this cooker is healthy and can be digested easily. Being nonsticky is considered to one of its vital features. It consists of a steaming basked for the purpose of cooking vegetables alongside. Every Red rice cooker comes with a single button. It means that less operation and more quality cooking.

Considering other features, this rice cooker has got a removable bowl that allows easy cooking. You can remove from the rice cooker and wash it to ensure cleanliness. This displays the portability of the Red rice cooker effectively. You can stir rice using the stylish plastic paddle for ensuring that whether rice has been cooked properly or not. Additionally, a small cup has been provided to measure exact quantity of rice. You can wash rice conveniently in the bowl itself and drain the wet. Then, you can fill the bowl with water according to the markings provided. Now, close it with a lid and just push the button.

The benefits of using a Red rice cooker are many. The first one is that there will be no wastage of food as you can measure the exact quantity using the cup. It is portable, which means that you can carry it anywhere and anytime. It fits readily into your kitchen without occupying much space. Being light in weight, you can handle it comfortably. Check out for discounted prices that some stores offer as part of best deals.

One of the messy jobs that you can encounter as a homeowner is potentially cleaning a clogged sink. This can be prevented easily when you make use of some practical measures such as using a sink strainer and avoiding dumping materials down the drain. If you’re sink is indeed clogged, there are numerous do-it-yourself tricks that may work to unclogged the dismal situation and might save you the need to contact your plumber.

To start off, you can use a plunger to loosen and dislodge the clog by moving the plunger up and down over the drain. Every sink typically has a drain stopper, a drain trap and fixture drain line so when a sink clogs, it typically means something is lodged in the trap or the fixture line. When plunging doesn’t work, you can use other means and they might require specific tools. You can manually extract the obstruction if it’s stuck at the upper section which you can see when you shine a light down the pipes. To draw it out, you can use your gloved fingers to reach into or use pliers or a hook to fish out the material from the drain.

Another method that you can use is removing and cleaning the drain trap. With a suitable bucket under the trap, you can loosen the connection and remove the trap bend. Once the trap is pulled out, clean the part and dump out the debris before slipping it back. You should definitely replace the trap with a new one if it looks cracked and worn out. Finally, you can also make use of snaking. This involves clearing the clog by either inserting a drain snake through the drain hole in the sink or feeding it though the pipes once the trap is removed. When this is through and the trap is back in place, let hot water flow down the drain for a few minutes to completely clean the system.