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Lanyards can be manufactured out of many different materials. Mostly nylon and polyester are used to create cords and they are sewn at the factories on an industrial sewing machine.

Different kinds of lanyards are used for different purposes. Conference lanyards are used for identification purposes and they are mostly manufactured from nylon or polyester. The materials include:

1. Nylon:

Most commonly used material; nylon is both durable as well as comfortable to wear. The connectors are made of plastic which is durable and made flat for additional comfort. These are available in 3/4” or 3/8” width.

2. Cotton:

Cotton lanyards are also durable and comfortable to wear, especially with the metal crimp located at the bottom. The two ends of the cotton lanyard are joined together by this crimp.

3. Polyester Twill:

It is a synthetic material just like nylon, but feels more like cotton. Polyester twill lanyards are durable and comfortable and are easily available with connectors of your own choice. They can be printed with your company’s logo or any image on want to appear on the lanyard.

4. Reflective:

Originally made from polyester; these lanyards are coated with areflective material which shines in the light. These are used in dark or dimly lit places where workers need to be made visible.

5. Leather lanyards:

Made of leather; these types of lanyards are mostly used to hang keys or mobile phone so you don’t forget your essentials anywhere. These are extremely durable and can be reflective or in a matte finish. These can also be braided with a metal connector joining the two ends of the lanyard.

Lanyards are essential when it comes to identification of individuals working at indoors or outdoors.

Neck lanyard is one of the most versatile and useful office accessories. Although their main purpose is to efficiently carry small sized items like identification cards, badges, cell phones or water bottles. Apart from basic uses, these can be used for increasing brand visibility and awareness amongst masses without spending a lot of money and time on networking.


In order to ensure that conference lanyards are successful in the market, make sure it is made of good quality material and the right type of printing method is used for printing the logo. Following are some basic printing methods that you can use for lanyards:

1. Hot Stamping

This method of printing is considered perfect for lanyards that are made of polyester. Hot stamping is economical and is considered perfect for trade shows, meetings, sessions and other formal events.

2. Silkscreen Printing

This type of printing ensures high quality of images and fonts. Silkscreen printing costs more than hot stamping but is better in quality. Apart from that, it is a more tedious way of printing. You can use this method of printing on any material. If you use this type of printing lanyard lasts longer.

3. Dye Sublimation

This kind of printing is perfect if you want to have durable and nice-looking lanyards. The images, designs and logos printed using this method will not fade for a long time and it is easy to maintain its quality even after extensive use. But this printing technique is costlier than both hot stamping and silk screen printing.

Apart from printing methods make sure that you select colours that represent your company and business.


The simplest of objects can sometimes works wonders and in complete favor of the company/brands. One similar thing is the lanyards that are commonly used for nametags, identity cards and such purposes. When we think of lanyards, we must think of it as an opportunity to strike an impression in the simplest possible way. Most brands now use their lanyards as a branding medium. They get the brand’s theme color and name or logo printed on them. These tags act as branding methods as one can identify the brand and the person representing the moment they look at the lanyard.

Unique lanyard designs for clients

The lanyard designers and manufacturers have stepped up their game and have started making highly customized lanyards for the particular clients. One can even opt for graphic designing and detailing on them. These personalized lanyards are working greatly in the favor of clients and they are suing them to it maximum to create brand recognition and recalling. Now that online ordering has become so famous and preferred, the clients can place online orders and receive the shipment in a few business days.

Plain lanyards for everyday use

The plain lanyards can never go out of style or use. All brands and companies must have a bulk of these simple ones for everyday use. The manufacturers deal with clients and send them plain ones at minimal costs but never at low or unsatisfactory quality..

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