Picking the Right Promotional Products to Market Your Company


There are all kinds of things that you could do with your advertising budget if you were in charge of it. Have you noticed though how even the largest corporations often resort to the use of advertising promotional products to get their name out there?

That's right, Google, Microsoft, Boeing, McDonald's – the list of companies that use advertising promotional products to make sure they remain popular, reads like the who's who of the world of big business. That alone should be sign enough that the use of promotional products with the name of your business printed on them could be an advertising strategy that works.

It doesn't just work with the big boys either. The kind of return on investment you receive investing in advertising promotional products can nearly be second to none. Consider a simple example for instance.

You run a small local pizza delivery service. Certainly, you do know who your potential customer base is – it's the people who live within a 10 mile radius – the distance you can deliver to within 30 min. Distribute promotional bottle openers or salt shakers or refrigerator magnets – things people would use around their food – to those people and you're constantly going to make sure that they associate your business name (helpfully printed on those products you’ve given away) with food.

Since you'll mostly be giving those freebies away to customers who walk in or those who call to order, you can be sure that you’re only targeting people who are actually in the habit of ordering food in your area. It's about the most efficient use of advertising dollars anyone can think of – to advertise to those who are already converted.

There is a great deal of creative freedom to exercise in the actual choosing of a product to give away. Usually, for the best effect, you want to pick something that the receiver would tend to use often. A business that wants to be associated with a certain class of customer might want to give away promotional golfing gloves. They wouldn't want to give golf balls away because one tends to lose those. A travel agent or an airline ticketing agency might want to give away sunscreen, for instance. The more thoughtful and well-thought out the gift, the better the effect that it will have.

There are all kinds of places that you could give them away at, too. Just think that of all the places that you’ve personally received advertising promotional products. Businesses give them away at trade shows, at fundraising events, they throw something in when they deliver an order to a customer, and so on. It doesn't even have to be expensive. Buy a book online, and they often send it to you with a simple cardboard bookmark with the company's name printed on it. They can be as simple and as effective as that.