Interesting Facts about Lapel Pins



Lapel pins usually resemble an achievement of an employee working in an organization. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. This information will enlighten people who don’t have much idea on lapel pins.

  • Soft Enamel is Still the Best –The best feature of soft enamel lapel pins is that they are affordable, durable and colorful. Soft enamel is the most popular type of lapel pin used.
  • You Can’t Ignore the Hard Enamel – This type of pin is quite similar to the soft enamel. They have the appearance filled with different colors. The only difference is the tempering part which requires heating to make the enamel hard. Heating ultimately leads to smoother finish and more-sturdy.
  • There are Different types of Metals now – Traditional lapel pins required a metal to affix it such as a butterfly clutch. Modern lapel pins now come with magnets, screws and safety pins to hold. You can also remove the pin and then attach them on keychains, tie clips or even cufflinks.
  • Become a Rare Lapel Pin Collector – Other than being used as an accessory item, lapel pins are now being traded. People with hobbies or passion are now trading their pins to get their hands on rare, beautiful, colorful and unique pins.

You can look for different varieties of mens lapel pins online or on stores.