You might know that a Felicetti Law Firm may be beneficial for those who suffer injuries in the hand of someone else, however, you may not know exactly when this may apply to you. Outside of a few of the more obvious situations, for example car accidents, there are times when this type of attorney can help in many other circumstances.

Basically, any time you receive a personal injury from a third party, you may be able to get help from one of these attorneys, especially if you are certain another individual was at fault in the situation.

One situation where a personal injury attorney could help is with medical negligence cases. Some of these lawyers specialize in the medical field, and you could be due a sizeable amount of money if you were injured as a result of the poor choices of a medical professional.

Accidents that are the fault of someone else are another situation where you could use legal help. Car accidents are a common situation, if you are not the at-fault driver. Similarly, if you are severely injured for any reason that someone else caused, even if it is something like a poorly maintained property, you could be legally able to seek recourse through the help of a lawyer.

Workplace injuries are another field often handled by a personal injury attorney. If you are injured on the job, even if your problem occurs simply because of the day-to-day stress of your work, consider legal counsel to help. Employers have insurance that can kick in to pay some of your expenses.

In fact, most Bronx Accident Lawyer specializing in this practice can get you cash to cover other expenses endured after the incident. For example, you likely had to take days or even weeks off work while healing, in which case you either missed out on income or spent some sick or personal days that you should not have had to use. A good injury lawyer will fight to get you compensation for any income that you might have missed out on. Pain and suffering may also be paid for, depending on your state's laws. Additionally, if you have been permanently injured, you should be compensated since you will have future medical bills and loss of income.

Bringing a lawsuit against the people responsible for hurting you can also make a difference for others, as it could change the system. For example, if you were hurt due to a mistake made in a hospital or on the job, going to an injury lawyer can help ensure that this does not happen again to someone else. This is because the responsible party will have to pay for their mistake, forcing them to reconsider their system unless they want to pay in the future when it happens again. Therefore, taking this route can also help others.

A divorce is one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life, ranking right up there with death of a loved one. A divorce is also one of the few times – and maybe the only time – a person has to deal with the court system. Ending a disintegrating marriage is made more difficult by the complexity of the divorce process and the emotional stress of dealing with the issues of child custody, support and division of assets.Click on this link divorce lawyers in new york city/ for the best divorce lawyer.

Understanding the legal process is as baffling as trying to understand complex medical procedures, and just as you need to trust your physician, you need to feel confident with your attorney. Your divorce attorney must be a combination of therapist, confidant, clergy person and “legal eagle”. So, how do you find this person to whom you can entrust your future?

When you meet with an attorney, bring a list of questions regarding your concerns in choosing an attorney as well as your personal concerns in the divorce case.

Ask how the law firm bills its clients and ascertain the billing rates for each person who will be working on your case. Most attorneys charge for all time spent in working on your matter. This includes time for phone calls, drafting court documents, court preparation and travel to the courthouse.

Above all, you and your attorney should be able to communicate effectively. Your attorney can only give your choice of options and advise you as to probable outcome of each option. But remember, nothing is a “slam dunk.” As in the rest of life, the legal process does not issue any guarantees.