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We who live in Indonesia given grace "watered" sunshine nearly all year round. But unfortunately, the sun is regarded as a culprit of the disease, such as cancer or the emergence of black spots on the skin. In fact, many women are also away from the sun for fear of skin turned black.

The benefits of sunlight: Excessive sun exposure can indeed damage the skin. However, the "dose" right, sunlight, it can provide a myriad of benefits for you.

Some of the benefits of sunlight, namely:

Makes you happy and happy: Exposure to sunlight triggers the hormone in the brain called serotonin. This hormone is accountable for improving your mood and make you feel comfortable and focused. Therefore, it's no wonder people are staying at the 4 seasons are rarely exposed to the sun are more susceptible to depression.

Build strong bones

Exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) from the sun will make a person's skin make vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role for bone health. Low levels of vitamin D were associated with the incidence of osteoporosis.

Preventing cancer: Though excessive sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer, but exposure is enough it can prevent some types of cancer, such as colon cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Cure skin diseases: Based on the World Health Organization, exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) in some cases can cure skin diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, jaundice and acne.

Do this: Although many of the benefits you can get from sun exposure, but you still have to limit to avoid excessive exposure. The reason, excessive exposure to sunlight can get into the skin, damage the DNA in cells and cause skin cancer. In addition, you also should avoid exposure to direct sunlight between the hours of 09:00 to 16:00.

Based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, exposure to sunlight for 5-15 minutes for 2-3 times per week is enough to get the  benefits of vitamin D from sunlight. On the other hand, if you want to be in the sun for more than 15 minutes, you should not forget to use a sunscreen with SPF 15.






Being the largest and most visible organ of the body, the skin is prone to exposure to a plethora of harmful microorganisms and injuries. It is the body's first line of defense and any breach in this barrier can serve as entrance to pathogens. In the oncology field, skin cancer is the most prevalent. The cause can be hereditary factors, constant and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, and contact with harmful chemicals. Diagnosis can be made by obtaining a sample from a tumor or lesion and testing it. Benign lesions do not cause widespread migration of cancer cells. However, malignant tumor can be very serious and detrimental since there is rapid proliferation of cancer cells and metastasis to other organs in the body via the bloodstream. 

Another type of skin disease is acne which is common to teenagers and young adults. The formation of pus-filled pimples is caused by the pooling of bacteria and dirt in the pores. Facial cleansing may remedy and prevent acne breakout but microdermabrasion can remove dead cells and excess oil. Nevertheless, washing with soap is not advisable since it can dry the skin and increase sebum production. Popping pimples is also highly discouraged since this can inevitably lead to skin irritation and scarring. Though there are many home solutions, chronic acne should be consulted to a dermatologist.

Dermatology  has a wide array of health care institutions and well-trained physicians. With state-of-the-art equipment, micrographic surgeries can be performed to treat skin cancer. Other services include curettage, excision, cryotherapy and radiation therapy. 


Most common questions that most of patients ask can be annoying sometime but it is important to let them satisfy before the treatment. They want to know what the future after the treatment. Multi-phase of treatment, total cost on treatment, payment options etc. In terms of both time and money these questions are important.

As a dentist you know very well what the dental treatment phase are, and also understand importance of these phases. Most of dentist not able to share that information with their patients effectively. Like other dentist or practices you can also move to DocMate online patient relationship management software that allow user to send prescription through mail in PDF form, so patient can read them sitting at home. Read DocMate Reviews to know more how to deal with no show problems.

6 dental treatment plan phases your patients need to understand

The diagnosis 

Diagnosis is the first step to start any treatment. Diagnosis patients and examine to find out actually dental problem. Guide them how to cure them effectively. This is very important phase before procedure to next phase. Once you finalize the reports and dental problem move to second phase.


In education we mean guiding your patients about the reports and suggest him some precautions to control dental problem to go beyond control.

Treatment options

Tell your patients how many treatment options are available for them under their budget. So they can choose wisely which will affordable, comfortable and beneficial for them. Alternately also tell them plans and insurance options to payback their bills.


Treatment is the step by step procedure how the dental treatment will take place. To gain patients trust, tell them whole procedure in friendly manner. From the starting to end of the treatment, so they can get mentally prepare for the treatment. Moreover tell them, advantages and benefits of particular treatment in lifetime.

Time to consider 

In this phase explain your patients about the time scheduling going to take on their dental treatment procedure.

Mouth maintenance 

In this phase guide your patient about how to maintain mouth till proper recovery before shifting to normal care; this phase is important because it totally depend upon your patients follow up. This is your duty and responsibility to guide your patients and tech them importance of mouth maintenance. 

Considering for the best workout program to get rock hard abs? Burning fat and gaining muscle is likely the primary purpose many people take up some type of cardiac exercise. Most people are not executing the right type of cardio exercises unitl they try Six Pack Shortcuts.

Doing workouts is one thing and doing the right exercises, the right way, in the precise numbers, with the correct target set in the mind is another thing. Always track the latter and aids are bound to come. You can also adopt the workout that will help to maintain a healthy body.

If you combine workout and simple changes in your nourishment you could easily lose more weight quicker. You should keep in mind significant facts while taking up any exercise regimen.

o You must do things that you will be able to stick with.

o It does not do any decent to you to work hard to lose weight only to put it back on later. The rule is just to focus on simple and easy changes. Variations that you can stick to that will make sense for your routine.

o When such a concept is accepted and followed you find that with simple variations you will be able to lose weight.

The largest quantity of calories burning comes from your basic breakdown. To speed up the breakdown you need to select the right Six Pack Shortcuts workout program. 

If you want to attract women but they won't even give you the time of day, you are definitely doing something wrong. Most likely to one mistake you are doing is to show that you are interested in them. Now, before you assume that this is too absurd, read on.

There is actually a way to still show interest in a girl and make them attracted to you. But first let us take a look why you are getting rejected just because you let a girl that you are interested in her.

The reason why you usually get rejected by girls as soon as you display some kind of interest in them is because you show it too much! The thing about showing too much is that by doing that, you basically tell her that you are needy and just too desperate to meet her. That you want her attention, badly. And no woman wants to get into a relationship with a needy guy.

This is way your best strategy should actually be to show less interest in her. To keep her guessing whether you like her or not. This way, she might even take it as a challenge and try to win your attention. But how are you supposed to demonstrate disinterest, when you can't show interest? Well, this is quite simple.

Instead of being in her face and telling her how much you like her, start a conversation normally with her and show a little interest. But as soon as you see that she might find it a bit uncomfortable, take a step back and play it cool. This way she is never going to be sure about whether you like her or not.

Now, there is actually a great book that goes very deep into this topic. It is called Models: Attract Women Through Honesty ( It will tell you how you can show interest in a girl without seeming as too needy or desperate.

But if you are just starting out, showing her that you can hold some distance and actually aren't that interested in her, will work wonders. But you have to find a balance, otherwise you will just go from one extreme to the other and this will work against you.

With this little trick, you can make women attracted to you. It is just something you should start with and you shouldn't rely on it for long. If you do it correctly though, you can attract the women you approach.

Our gorgeous smile is commonly what other people recognize first. Sparkling white & clean teeth with fresh breath are essential factors of a dazzling smile. If you feel like your teeth isn’t as bright and white as what you like them to be, you might need some basic dental hygiene that will help you keep a super clean, healthy & white teeth.

Regular Toothbrushing

Website Sbiancante Denti states that brushing your teeth at least 3 times a day is a way to keep them healthy and clean. Thorough toothbrushing is a key on how to get a whiter teeth. Within 20 minutes after eating, a sticky film of plaque may form on your teeth. This plaque, when remain, can be the cause of gum disease, severe tooth decay or a dingy-looking teeth. To avoid this to happen, it is very important to brush your teeth every after meal and during bedtime for a maximum teeth protection.

Brushing your Teeth Well

Many of us think that brushing our teeth on a regular basis is enough. No it isn’t! You also have to make sure to perform the right brushing technique using a good quality toothbrush. Soft toothbrush having a round-end bristles is an example of a good toothbrush you can use. Toothbrushes must be replace every 3 to 4 months.

One good technique in cleaning our teeth using toothbrush is to put the bristles of your brush in a 45 degree angle position along your gum line. This will give you an easy way of performing a gentle back & forth stroke and a rolling motion making sure you have cleaned every portion of your tooth. Your should also consider cleaning your tongue. You may also refer to your dentist to check your brushing technique and find suggestions for improvements.

Daily Flossing

There are certain portion of our teeth where toothbrush can’t reach. As recommended by the American Dental Association, flossing should be done daily. This is to remove the food and plaque that stays between your teeth. Flossing is an important part of home care. It should not be skipped as what many of us does. It can be awkward to do it depending to dexterity and the size of your hands but it’s a very good habit to get into. Your dentist surely knows several flossing techniques which he can share to you. Ask him. Other cleaning suggestions such as water jets, clone brushes, soft wooden sticks may be given which will works best in cleaning your teeth in between.

Avoiding Certain Foods & Tobacco

There are foods that can stain your teeth. Coffee, Tea, Red Wine, Berries and some other deeply colored foods are some examples. Food stain stays on the areas where you missed flossing and/or brushing off the plaque. Be sure to make a deep clean on your teeth to avoid this stains from staying on your teeth.

Tobacco is also a source of stains that may stick on your teeth. Smoking or chewing it can create an unsightly tar stains in your teeth. In smoking, be sure to clean your teeth first before lighting up to prevent the tar to adhere to any plaque that is left on your teeth. Once this tar gets on your teeth, you can’t just brush it off.Professional Dental Cleanings

If you want to have the brightest and the cleanest teeth in your area, have time to visit your dentist at least thrice a year for a professional tooth cleaning. Plaque that are left on your teeth for a certain period of time starts to harden to form tartar and cannot be removed by simple toothbrusing. Removing of it should be done by dentist which involves polishing your teeth to make it smooth and shiny. Brighter and cleaner teeth is the best expectation you can get from this.

Using Teeth Whitening Products

If you’re lazy enough to do the traditional method in keeping your teeth white & clean, you buy our recommended teeth whitening products. Although we strongly advice to make use of traditional one, but we can’t deny the fact that using these products can easily make your teeth whiter in a short duration of time.


Dental Implant is the best way to restore your smile in a single treatment procedure. Fixed dentures are specially designed to attach to dental implants, which are secured by the jawbone. They do not need to remove and stay strong for a long time. Which mean you have natural bite that allows you to eat all your favourite foods without any worries. 

Types of Dental Implants Available

Endosteal Implants:

Endosteal implant is a procedure in which tooth roots are supported by screws, barrels or cutting edges that are made of titanium/fired material. Insert is surgically bored into the jawbone that holds the artificial teeth set up. These lie totally deep inside the jawbone, well beneath the gums.

Subperiosteal Implants:

Different from endosteal implants, subperiosteal Implants are not embedded inside the jawbone. In subperiosteal implants process a metal system is solidly secured on the jawbone area, structure lies beneath the gum line. When the jawbone is not sufficiently wide enough to endosteal inserts, dentist recommends subperiosteal implants.


The procedures of dental implants  are different from conventional implants. Instead of implanting complete set of implants in each jaw, just four implants are placed. These implants are typically placed in such a manner that contact between the implant and the bone tissue become accurate. Implanting complete set of implants in each jaw can prohibitively expensive, painful and time-consuming process. Dental implant treatment takes only one or two dental visits. This mean no need to wait too long to have dental implant treatment.

Selecting a chiropractor is an exceptionally sensitive matter. Chiropractors have unusual style and methodologies, and you should seek help from your new chiropractor. Today large portions of us are experiencing diverse sorts of agonies like upper and lower back torment, hip, shoulder, knee, leg, foot, neck, lower leg, spine circle torment and so forth. Individuals who see the chiropractor on time  are more  beneficial.

Even numerous individuals are experiencing diverse sorts of wounds like damage to a body part, sports harm and unintentional harm. These torments are the huge hindrance in our everyday work. In the event that you are not physical fit, you can't perform better in your work. Inquiring your doctor is essential. You can look at the sites and read about whatever they are putting and take help from chiropractors. Seeking them through Google can guarantee you to get the best  chiropractor around your area where you living.If you are facing herniated disc you can consult a chiropractor To get it fix as soon as possible for your betterment.

If you want  your body to be free from pain  and inconvenience, feel  better  and pain free and  think about going to as a chiropractor today. Remember that consulting  a chiropractor is very important and highly recommended for you and your loved ones when in pain.

Diabetes Risk & Marriage

Marriage has been linked to health benefits, particularly happy union, but as it pertains to developing or controlling type 2 diabetes, marriage quality appears to have contrary effects on women and men, according to an U.S. study.

For women, a happier marriage meant lower risk of developing diabetes over a five-year period, but for those who had it, decreasing marriage quality was tied to lower risk of diabetes and better control of the state for men, researchers found.

A great marriage help reduce anxiety for girls, who are more sensitive to stress than men and may supply a wellspring of emotional and societal support, Liu told Reuters Health by email.

“Wives are more likely than husbands to control the spouses' health behaviors,” reminding their husband to stop smoking, eat more healthy and take drug, which may promote the husbands' well-being but at the exact same time may also raise marital tension, she said.

The researchers looked at data from two national surveys, in 2010 and 2005, and people aged 57 to

Each time, women and the men answered questions about closeness, well-being and mental gratification in their own marriages, how often their partner made too many demands on them and how much of the free time they prefer to spend with their spouse.

In women, a rise in reported union quality between 2005 and 2010 was tied to a lower risk of having diabetes in 2010. But for guys, an increase in negative married quality was linked with lower risk of the symptoms of diabetes in 2010 and a higher likelihood of controlling diabetes in 2010, according to the results in the Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences.

Most people think that immune boosting is all about training and eating lots of vegetables. That is not all and in fact it is not enough. Your body requires much more than that. To build enough endurance, you will have to change your diet. There is no way that you will make it training like an athlete and eating like an ordinary person. You need a diet that is suitable for an athlete. You will have to learn the right way of combining proper diet and appropriate work outs.

One thing that you need to know is that bodybuilders eat big in order for them to get big. The bodies that you watch lifting weight on television is not built with junk food and snacks. It is achieved after taking several sizeable meals in a day. I mean more than that of an average person. If you are not noticing any changes even after training for some time, chances are that you are not eating enough quality and quantity food.

You have to feed your muscles with enough food. This is what will grow and build the muscles. It will also help you gain the extra weight that you require. Likewise for increased endurance levels and a stronger immune system, you will need foods and supplements rich in dim diindolylmethane that should enable you to workout longer and better.