fabric printing

Perhaps you have seen T-shirts with designs on them? The home printer can produce the same designs you see on the t-shirts in stores and you could save a lot of cash making your own shirts.

To start making designs, you will need a straightener on transfer kit. These types of kits can be found any computer store in the printer area. A lot of kits may come with images to use for your project, but avoid expect a lot, they may only provide enough to get you began.To get more information, you can explore http://www.fabricprintingthailand.com/.

If you do not own a printing device yet, this would be a good time to buy one, but make sure that costly printer inkjet. You may want to get a few ink cartridges, considering offering your shirts. Should you be just making the shirts for yourself, then one printer ink cartridge will work.

A great iron is also needed to get the images onto the shirts but make sure that there is no rust on your iron. You are heading to have to have lots of shirts. Any color will do but if most likely new to this, start with a white one.

To get started, you must decide what kind of image you want to hold your tee shirt. If you have the correct software, you just type into the search window what kind of image you want, and you will probably get a lot of results.