The Tatung rice cooker is the center of nearly every Taiwanese kitchen and has been for generations. Sales continue to rise even though the competition has introduced more high-tech models into the market in the last 20 years. One reason for the continued success of the Tatung rice cooker is its versatility. It serves for making soup, stews, traditional medicines, heating up leftovers as well as making rice. The design has changed very little in the four decades since it was first introduced and is still considered the best rice cooker on the market.

The Tatung TRC-CUD / TRC-10UD rice cooker is the lowest priced model. It can cook 6 or 10 cups of rice perfectly and keep it warm for up to 8 hours, so it is ready to serve for lunch and dinner. It can also steam sea food, meat, vegetables, and it has a slow cooker temperature to make a whole meal at one time. This model comes in white with small flowers and is very easy to clean, because the inner cooking pan is removable and the cord detaches.

The TRC-CUD 5.5 cup is a small rice cooker, very inexpensive, that offers all the features of the larger models plus a non-stick inner pot and cooking pot.

The Tatung TRC-8FZ rice cooker is more modern and has push button electronic operation with an LED timing display. It is white, but has a stainless steel lid, and the inner pan also comes out for easy cleaning. Never again will rice be wasted because it is over cooked or under cooked.

The Tatung TAC-11KN(UD) Stainless Steel rice cooker is stainless steel inside and out. All of the accessories including lid, inner cover, steamer plate and inner pot are stainless steel. It cooks 10 cups of rice, has a warmer and steamer function and is very durable. It uses 800 W of power and requires 120V/60Hz.

Tatung rice cookers are inexpensive compared to other brands, but they are a high quality kitchen appliance that will rarely break down or need repair. The cooker is heated by a plate that contains a single element of 3.6cm diameter wire that directly heats the contents of the pot. The heat is evenly distributed which is how the rice gets evenly cooked. The pots are cast by pouring liquid aluminum into a mold, which is a more costly way of manufacturing, but the thickness and shape of the pots also ensure evenly cooked rice. Each model comes with a measuring cup, spatula, steam tray and holder.

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