Brief About The History of Vespa Scooters


The Vespa line of scooters is one of the most popular personal transportation devices to ever hit the market. The history of Vespa scooters is one that is as unlikely as it is fascinating. The Vespa line started out as a single scooter model in 1946. The brand was created then and is still manufactured by Piaggio & Co. S.P.A.You can contact us by visiting in order to get more information about Vespa.

It has quickly become the most widely recognized and popular scooter brand in all of Europe and the fourth largest selling scooter brand in the world in total unit’s sales. Today Vespa is an isolated brand plate and is one of seven family companies owned and operated by the Piaggio Corporation. So how did one humble scooter model, designed for the working class housewife and teenage turn into the best-known two-wheeled vehicle name in the world?

The Piaggio Company, which had been previously one of the largest companies in the countries aviation industry. The restriction placed n the country by the cease-fire with the allies to limit military activities greatly reduced the nation's ability to produce aircraft. This along with the destruction of the company's primary manufacturing plant due to bombings led the ownership to reevaluate their business model.