All About Cleaning Business Franchise


A cleaning business is one of those businesses that does not take too much trouble to put together and get going. It's a business that requires just a little capital and the potential market for it sufficient and it's for these reasons that it has become one of the trend businesses today.

There are essentially two main market branches for this industry. Namely, residential and commercial The difference is the scope of work and of course the capital needed, other than that you could even service both markets under the same roof.

Residential cleaning business franchise mainly offers maid services. Maid services are not technical in nature and require very little training. It's a simple skill of just being gentle at hand and thorough at work.

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As an employer, of course, you would like to have a staff that's competent, trustworthy and requires little or no supervision. A commercial cleaning businesses' main offering is a janitorial service, which is similar to maid services but handles a much larger scope of activities.

Your clientele may cover banks, restaurants, hotels, business offices, sports complexes, and churches among some. First thing you have to do is establish a policy on how the business will be set up. You can start by making particular labor rates to specific itemized jobs.

You can also set up something like a basic package covering a number of tasks usually done for a household. Let's say an average of three or four rooms that include dusting, vacuuming, and polishing of floors.