A Look Into the Boroscope – Applications, Designs, and Demands


A rigid boroscope is more effective and accurate in use with inspecting engine cylinders, fuel injectors, gun inspecting, and hydraulic cylinders. Both types can be affixed with both a magnification lens and illumination means. You can visit https://www.easterncompositeservices.com/inspections-and-testing/ to know more about the Borescope Inspection & Equipment Rentals.

The bore scope can also be used to connect to a computer or camera through USB and other technologies to provide video of the situation. These devices have also been used for inspecting the human body. In these instances it is called an endoscope.

This technology is also used in aircraft engine, industrial gas turbines, steam engines, and diesel engines for visual inspection. Gas and steam engines typically need a higher level of inspection quality due to required safety and maintenance measures.

This technology is also commonly used in manufacturing of machined parts to inspect interior surfaces for signs of burring or completion of through-holes. Forensic applications range from law enforcement and building inspection and are relatively commonly used.

A flexible bore-scope is plagued with pixilation and pixel cross talk due to the fibre image guide and image quality crosses the spectrum dependent on the number of fibres and the construction used in the technology. Articulation components as well vary in flexible boroscopes and are critical to image quality.