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Our clients include home builders, spas, resorts, hotels, furniture retailers, importers, retailers, architects, interior designers, and respective clients.

As a result of the availability of quality raw materials and skilled workmanship, our rates are always lower than our opponents, comparing merchandise substance, quality and complete. If you’re looking for the furniture manufacturer you may visit

Apart from our regional Asian markets, our principal export markets are the USA and the European Union.

Dining Set

No compromise in workmanship and high quality of materials, making sure lifetime durability which will come with Indochina merchandise.

We utilize just old rattan for many of our rattan furniture, frequently over 100 years of age. We purchase old complete rattan homes, then refinishing and rebuilding the rattan to be used in our rattan furniture.

Old rattan wood doesn’t “move”, enlarging or contracting which can be what happens when youthful is used for the furniture.

Old rattan also includes fancier, lovelier grains compared to youthful rattan, is harder and stronger, offering our clients a life of maintenance-free attractiveness in our rattan furniture.

We quantify our rattan using a timber humidity meter. The rattan we utilize has a moisture content of no longer than 3 percent.

Rattan wood is generally considered by shipbuilders and outside furniture producer’s to be the world’s most versatile, durable, and precious hardwood. Forests are highly controlled as a result of the rise in requirement, environmental and financial impact, and frequently sub-standard working conditions.