Student Housing in Geelong


Student Housing in Geelong

Student housing in Geelong provides one of the best environments for any student whether a foreign or local student. Both campus and off campus houses are suitable and conducive for students which provide the best learning environment. Geelong is a port city in Corio Bay, and this is the beauty of this place. The Barwon River near the Victoria state also makes the place very beautiful. Geelong is the second largest city in Melbourne where as of 2016, the population was estimated to be 192,393.

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Geelong has one of the best city suburbs including Armstrong and Batesford. The City has a unique tourist attraction with many tourist destinations you can choose from. Some of the tourist destinations include Buckley Falls, National Wool Museum and the Rippleside Park. It is always argued that you have not visited Geelong if you have not gone to the Geelong waterfront. The place is a beehive of activities with many gardens, restaurants and many amazing vies that are located in Corio Bay. The climatic conditions in this city are very welcoming especially if you are new. Any foreign student will choose this city due to the nice weather seasons.

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Waurn Ponds areas are good places for housing and shopping for any student due to the convenience it offers. Joining Deakin university can be a convenient place for any student. The location of the university and the surrounding environment is very conducive for both learning and having a good social life. 

 For any university student, student accommodation is one of the major priorities that you have to take care off. In Geelong, student accommodation is very flexible. There are many places you can opt to settle in and enjoy your campus life. Alternatively, you also have the choice of living within the university rooms. In Geelong, you can enjoy your campus life leaving anywhere. There are minimal safety issues when leaving in the city especially in houses near the campus. The community, in general, is a multicultural community meaning you can safely interact with anyone.

Geelong student accommodation is increasingly developing with many students joining the university. The demand for houses is on the rise with an influx of both local and foreign students. For example, we have the Iconic which is a prestigious house that gives any student the comfort that he or she desires in campus life. The Iconic house is strategically located near the University campuses where all you have to do is walk. For example, you can walk up to the Deakin waterfront campus, the Gordon campus and the Geelong city center. Currently, off-campus accommodations are equipped with modern facilities from beds to electricity. Free Wi-Fi is also available something most students can’t do without. New rooms are available at Highton and Waurn ponds which on most occasions are priced affordably.

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The bottom line is that Geelong is the place to be and student accommodation is not an issue. It is your decision whether you want to live within the campus or outside. The choices have their pros and cons. The university is strategically located in the city where you can access accommodation at any place. The choice of the house, however, has to be based on your preferences and cash availability. Having a space of your own should be your driving force as a college student to explore the world out there both academically and socially. Fortunately, Geelong offers all these depending on your price.