7 tips for organic glass care


Every home has glass in it, whether it’s wine glasses or lemonade glasses, punch bowls or flower vases. There are several distinct products for cleaning glass on the market, but some are too abrasive and will actually do harm to glassware. Here are a couple tips that will assist you maintain the glass in your home cleaner and brighter using only organic products, in place of the abrasiveness of some commercial glass cleaning products out there.

1. If ammonia doesn’t get rid of a chemical build up in your blossom, smear the glass with vaseline (petroleum jelly) and leave overnight, or longer. Then wipe off and wash clean.

2. Methylated spirits rubbed on the outside panes of your windows will make them glow in a way you’ve never noticed before. It will also bring out the iridescence to generate a blaze of sparkle and colour.

3. Many people have reported having good results cleaning their glass with toothpaste. I wouldn’t want to recommend any specific brand, so try some and expect good results.

4. Efferdent tablets, that can be used for cleaning dentures, are extremely effective in cleansing. They have a good kind of peroxide, which performs the cleaning component. Fill your glass with water and add two tablets. Let stand for one hour or so and rinse out.

5. Citric acid will clean glass and make it shine. To generate a concentrated solution, reduce pure lemon juice in a saucepan on the stove to half of its volume. Utilize the cooled liquid on stubborn stains, letting it lie to the surface for at least an hour, then wipe off. http://stanleysteemer.club/ will enlighten you on every aspect about cleaning.

6. Vinegar diluted with a little water can be quite effective for cleaning glass. If your glassware has difficult to reach areas, use a small soft haired artists brush.

7. Don’t clean your windows once the sun is shining brightly. It’ll dry the panes too quickly, leaving streaks. Wait around for a boring day and you’ll get better results.