Celebrate Christmas in Australia



A unique fact about Australia is that Christmas falls during the hottest time of the year. And that is why many locals prefer to celebrate this festival during July when the temperatures are low. Couples who wish to travel to Australia to celebrate their honeymoon must celebrate this amazing festival.

1. Blue Mountains – A traditional Roast – Many Australians celebrate Christmas day by heading over to the Blue Mountains. It is a traditional celebration of Yuletide experience consisting of pork belly which is slowly cooked. The pork belly is then served with local apple puree and desserts like spiced date pudding.

2. Nightlife in Perth – Perth is a wonderful city to celebrate Christmas during the month of July. Jumper is an Australian outfit worn by locals during Christmas and you get to see dazzling lights and ornaments. There are pubs that serve hot buttered rum and glazed hams to everyone.

3. Lord Howe Island –the Island on the East coast of NSW is a popular place to celebrate Christmas day with special programs, traditional barbequed food and to meet Santa Claus.

4. Go on a Cruise in Melbourne – If you’re in a mood to celebrate Christmas in the most relaxing manner then take a cruise in Melbourne. The cruise lasts for around 3hrs with lunch complimentary lunch consisting of local delicacies, and sight-seeing of popular landmarks of the city.

Australia truly is a remarkable country and is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world.