5 Tips for Beginning MMA


Whether you are looking to MMA as a potential career or for some fun and get together to meet people, everyone has to start somewhere. 

So knowing where to begin and what to focus on from the start is essential, even if you are using the sport as good exercise or even muscle building and toning. 

Here 5 tips to get you on the road to success:


In Victoria before you join a gym take a look at your options. MMA Melbourne is an excellent place to start.

If you want to take it seriously look for a gym where MMA is not a side sport but is prominent whereby they can help guide you through stages. So it is more than a point of exercise and ensure the gym hours are flexible to fit around a busy lifestyle. 


Make sure you watch the sport and get to know people involved in the game first. If you want to take it seriously and progress then it's the same as most things in life if you enjoy doing something then it makes it a lot easier and more fulfilling, so if you are not involved in other disciplines of martial arts, consider this first.

Be Honest to Yourself 

Once you have decided to go for it you have to have an honest assessment of where your fitness is at, ensure your trainer knows what he is dealing with from day one so he can put an accurate and most importantly, a realistic plan in place. Everyone has to start somewhere. 


Flexibility plays a major albeit less known factor in MMA, it can be seen as the boring part, but rest assured you need flexibility alongside, mobility, speed and strength in MMA, although this will be the easiest part of your training it is by no means the least important.


Last but not least – forget about it. It will not help you in MMA, follow your trainer's instructions on weights in the gym, but nothing more.