Depuy attune knee lawsuit


The Attune Artificial Knee

The DePuy Synthes Attune artificial knee has been promoted as an “advanced, comprehensive, integrated knee system” that offers stability, strength, and also a larger selection of motion post-surgery.

This publication design was made to be a much better approach to conventional knee replacements. But a number of individuals have experienced the complete collapse of the Attune knees shockingly shortly after the operation. You can also know more about Depuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction by clicking right here.

National DePuy Knee Attorneys

To know what goes wrong, let us first think about the way the artificial knee is likely to function. The replacement joint must sit where the knee was, linking the femur, or thigh bone, with the tibia, or shin bone. The knee has to be securely attached to both bones also it will not work. Envision just one hinge holding a doorway on a wall and letting it swing.

This past year, several orthopedic surgeons reported in The Journal of Knee Surgery this is just what occurs with a disconcertingly large percentage of Attune artificial knees. While the replacement combined stays solidly cemented to the femur, the decreasing bond into the shin has a propensity to fail.

Individuals with faulty Attune knees encounter considerable knee pain, particularly when they attempt to keep weight on the knee when walking or standing, in addition to a limited selection of movement.