An Overview on Cannabis Clones


As soon as you’ve got a wonderful group of quality grass seeds, another step is naturally, quality bud crops. In a bid to lower your cost and time spent with man plants.

When you understand your plant is female and you would like to continue to develop that specific weed breed, you are able to replicate the cannabis plant several times without any loss of effectiveness.

Cloning cannabis plants or the way to clone cannabis, shouldn’t be confused with breeding bud crops, these are just two entirely different subjects. Here, we’re cloning a marijuana plant to supply for the specific same feminine species, compared to breeding similar or distinct plants to their fresh offspring breeds.


The cannabis plant is powerful and versatile, it may be returned into the vegetative stage when it’s started flowering and reveals itself as a female. You can also click online websites if you are interested to buy clones online.

Planning for Cloning Cannabis

It’s important when preparing to clone your own bud that everything is sterile. Yet more, this involves you. If you do not use abrasive gloves, then wash your tools and hands nicely with alcohol.

We’ve chosen the feminine bud plant which we want to replicate and have ready for our cloning process. For this example, we’re showing you only one, but you would ordinarily do several clones at once.