How to start writing a famous Blog


Writing a blog is a fast-growing business and anyone can do it as long as they put the time and effort into it. I will share how to start writing a blog the effective way, by sharing the potholes I stepped in to.

The first step is to come up with a topic that makes you excited. Something that you would write about just because you love it. That way it is more probably you will stay with it writing long enough. Before starting your own blog, go online and find blogs that have a similar topic, or just blogs that you enjoy reading and examine them. Why do you love reading them? What makes the posts unique and different? Keep reading other people blogs as long as you are writing your own, just to get ideas and keep on the edge.

Now that you have a topic and a few first ideas of a post in your head, it is time to find a blog platform. Different platforms have some few differences between them, and it is important to find one that has all features your blog will need. Also before choosing a platform, always read the terms and condition, because once you start using a platform: it will be considered that you accepted their terms of use. If you don’t agree, find another platform.

Design your blog to look awesome but also so that it is easy for your future readers to use it. There is nothing as annoying than trying to find something essential from a badly designed blog. Once the blog looks like you like, start writing. Use the tools you have gathered from blogs you like, but make it yours. Have your own style.

Choose how often you want to post. Some bloggers write 3 small blogs a day, some once a week a longer post. Whatever you choose, stick to it. Use images to make your blog more appealing. Depending on the topic, some blogs need a lot of pictures, but even if your topic does not need visualization, find a stock image that has something to do with your post and add it to give more visual appeal to your post. 

Write at least one month worth of posts before starting to make noise about your blog on social media like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. You may as well also find and download some YouTube video to mp4 which will guide you whenever you can. Also, have some readily written posts as a backup. I like to have at least 10 “backup” posts not published as a stock, waiting for that day when I just can’t come up a post, or life just happens and I don’t have time to write one. Being a blog sensation does not happen overnight, just write and the fame will come in time.