Boarding Kennels – Get the Best One for Your Pet


With summer around the corner, it's time to discover a cozy place for your pet when you're on vacation. You need to know your pet is safe and well cared for in your absence. But how can you find a good boarding kennel? How do you ensure that your pet is happy so that you could enjoy a guilt-free holiday? The solution is simple, do assignments ahead of time. To get more detail about pet boarding in West Bloomfield, you may visit

Boarding Kennels - Discover the Best One for Your Pet

Kennel Design

Before booking a reservation, have a tour of the dressing table. Pay attention to the number of obstacles between the outside and the animal area. I love to see at least one pair of self-closing doors between the animal areas and the front door.

They run to where they entered the building if a dog slips its leash. Ask about the safety system. Does the center have smoke detectors? If smoke is detected, will it automatically activate sprinklers? Regrettably, kennel fires do happen so every precaution must be taken to safeguard the animals inside.

Have a look at the design for species-specific rooms. I prefer cat, dog and exotic places that are independent. Each could be customized supply enrichment and to decrease stress. Cats particularly benefit from not sharing their space with a bunch of yapping dogs.

Ensure that there are solid partitions between animal cages or runs to stop conflicts and disease transmission. A chain-link fence isn't an adequate barrier between runs. I've treated many dogs for injuries suffered through fence fights! The runs and cages shouldn't confront each other.