A perfect low calorie diet for weight loss


Today, I am going to share a 3 week diet that will consist of low-calorie foods and, of course, you‘ll shed extra pounds in 21 days. There are different diet plans that are calorie oriented. You can choose 1000 calories a day, 1200 calories a day or 500 calories a day diet plans.

However, research recommends opting 1200 calories a day 3 week diet plan because this is very healthy diet and you’ll not experience any side effects. Use of best over the counter weight loss pills with this diet is recommended as you'll lose weight ever faster.

What to eat for 1200 calories?

Nowadays, we are quite lucky that every company mentions the number of calories any food contains, alternatively, we can search through the internet what number of calories a food contains.

Rotate your meal plan for 3 week diet and do not exceed 1200 calories a day. On average, a person needs 2000 calories a day to perform the daily routine tasks. Intake of 1200 calories means that you are cutting 800 calories in a day from your diet and you‘ll start losing weight.

All in all, the likelihood is that you‘ll lose at least 5 pounds in the period of 3 weeks. At the same time, you‘ll feel active and energetic because this is a very healthy diet plan.