Health Risks of Birth Control


There is a chance of sudden negative reactions together with any new medicine, and the same held true from the 1960s for unwanted effects of birth control pills. The occasional sense of nausea or example of blurry vision or weight reduction were par for the program.

But it had been the couple cases of strokes and blood ailments that started to ring a few alarm bells. This wonderful new invention to help women prevent pregnancy wasn't much use when it began harming the girls it was supposed to help.

Researchers scrambled to detect the causes of these negative reactions of birth control pills and soon learned two important things. One was if they dramatically reduce the levels of this hormone progesterone, or substituted it with progestin, then the danger of adverse consequences also decreased.

Health Risks of Birth Control

However, they also learned the side effects of the pill also had a link to if the girls smoked, had high blood pressure, or had other cardiovascular issues. Essure birth control method can also cause side effects to women’s health. Read more here about essure birth control problem.

Now if you're doing a birth control pill comparison, you see not only differences in the first pill, but gaps in dose and content even between tablets currently available. The danger of blood clots, heart attack, and stroke still exist, but the cases are rare.

Since physicians know the risk factors, they could prescribe pills which will still offer decent birth control but might have slightly different hormone compositions. Nevertheless, certain adverse reactions of this pill stay fairly steady even in almost all of today's tablets.

It is not possible to remove every instance of unwanted effects in a medicine, and the exact same holds for side effects of birth control pills. In reality, some unwanted effects are only due to an individual's body adapting to the medicine itself, and frequently these effects vanish after this modification.