Berber Carpet Tiles Are A Sophisticated Flooring Solution for the Modern Home


Berber carpet has a well-deserved reputation for quality, beauty and comfort. However, this carpeting is also high-end on pricing. If you do a lot of entertaining or have a passel of kids running through your house on a regular basis, maintenance can become expensive.

Berber carpet tiles let you have your decorating cake and eat it too, so to speak. These carpet tiles can be replaced when one is damaged with anything from indelible ink to a gouge that cannot be repaired. You can also design your own custom pattern in two or more colors for a perfect match to your decorating scheme.

For some simple ideas on hos best to use Berber carpet tiles in your home, you might want to start with a visit to your hometown carpet shop or surf around the net for Berber carpet vendors. One tip we like is to contact your cleaning expert such as this carpet cleaning company in Aberdeen who will be able to tell you the best kinds of carpets they deal with on a daily basis – its impartial advice for free!  You'll find some unusual applications and designs, suited to formal living rooms to children's bedrooms. The photos serve as inspiration for your own custom look.

A living room may call for a two-color scheme with a border that backs to the dining room's single color. For example, the living room furnishings may look best with a dark red border and navy center. You can achieve a custom look with dark red Berber carpet tiles covering the dining room, meeting at the living room and continuing with the navy center. This type of effect creates a lovely optical illusion, separating the two areas, but with the wall-to-wall coverage.

You can also create modern geometric patterns, as simple as a two-color alternating pattern or as complex as a quilt pattern, using many colors. You can sketch your pattern to scale using graph paper to easily determine the number of each color you'll need to fill out your desired floor area.

When you place your order for your Berber carpet tiles, be sure you have extras in each color. Accidents do happen, so when you need to replace a tile, you'll have tiles of the same dye lot for a seamless repair that defies detection. If your carpet tiles do not come with a stain-resistant treatment, treat the carpet tiles immediately after installation for maximum protection.

Although this can be a DIY project for the detail-oriented handyman, you may want to opt for the services of a professional carpet installer. Remember, too, that professional decorators can offer suggestions on using these carpet tiles in ways that showcase your furnishings in just the right combination of color and function for your lifestyle.

When you're contemplating carpet replacement, Berber carpet tiles are an unbeatable solution that lasts for many years.