Explain Fire Extinguishers and their Uses


A fire extinguisher can be popularly called a fire extinguisher or being an afterthought.  It’s just a cylindrical pressure vessel that may be handheld.  From the boat, there are representatives that when discharged helps in extinguishing a fire.

 The gadget is employed in emergency situations and can be commonly seen in schools, homes, gas pumps and departmental stores etc. You will find five distinct varieties of fire extinguishers that have become widely used now.

They’re carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, dry powder, foam, and chemical fire extinguishers.  The best and efficient kinds are halon, FE 3 6, specialist powder and the agent extinguishers. The water-based firefighting systems would be the simplest and also the cheapest ones.  They can extinguish fire that’s brought on by the many typical and combustible substances.

Additives can at times be added to the water in order to boost the firefighting ability.  The foam fire extinguishers are a class more than those water dependent ones. To get more information, you can visit  http://www.cakinter.co.th/.

They take with them ab evaluation, meaning these extinguishes can very quickly be released flames due to combustible fluids such as petroleum, gas, paraffin etc..  The ABC dry powder works on both the combustible fluids and solids.  In addition, they are effective on harmful gases.  Co2 extinguishers are well suited to put fires out which demand electric machines.