Pertinent answers on how Indian artists can move forward


For quite a while, more and more people have been mentioning that Indian painters have not been able to get the kind of exposure that is necessary for them to flourish. However, in modern times, there are no excuses for painters or any other artists from not getting their work out to the global audience. What one has to do is to realize that there is the power of social media that enables them to showcase their work to the global audience without having to strive to do so. This is the reason why when people look at Thota Vaikuntam paintings through social media, they realize the fallacy of the statement about Indian painters not getting exposure.

However, what one also has to realize is that the Thota Vaikuntam paintings do not conform to the normal Indian painting. It is an oddity in itself, a masterpiece that is seldom seen in most of the other painters in India. So, if you would want to see the very best of Indian paintings, then it is important for you to do so by undertaking an understanding the benefits associated in the contemporary Indian artistic culture. Therefore, seek out people that know about the artistic community as a whole.