Explore The Himalayan Ranges To Enjoy Its Exotic Scenery and Weather


Nestled in the scenic snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas is the majestic and mysterious kingdom of Nepal that is a surprising mixture of cultures which range from the traditional Hindu way of life, the Tibetan and Buddhist culture and the more western and western paths of experience and entertainment such as casinos, adventure sports, and trekking.

Playing the protector of Himalayan ranges as well as the entry point for numerous mountain climbing expeditions. Adventure lovers can plan their motorcycle tour with us to enjoy their rides and tour at Himalayan Motorbike Trip.

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Nepal witnessed a massive influx of tourists from India in addition to across the world with people flocking this nation for its glorious yet tranquil geography and climate, its own culture and to scale the daunting Himalayan peaks such as Mount Everest.

Such an enormous traffic of tourists heading towards this fabulous country of intense contradictions has given rise to a still growing and booming hospitality sector and a score of tour operators provide services to potential tourists to streamline travel programs and supply a selection of alternatives if you were searching for a Nepal holiday package.

Based on your tentative period of stay and the actions you might choose to indulge in, you can select from the numerous Nepal holiday packages which vary from a normal Kathmandu city vacation that centers around modern-day luxuries aboard architectural wonders and breathtaking stupas, temples and other places of worship and meditation or you may opt for tougher yet enticing countryside tours to witness the country’s attractiveness in its raw, unadulterated form.