CAT 5 Switches To Assure Security Of Data In Multiple Devices Environment

Users located beyond the distance limitations imposed by standard KVM cables can now rely on a CAT5 Extender to help them access their computers remotely. The innovative technology used by these extenders makes it easy to break the distance barriers in addition to eliminating the clutter associated with bulky cables.By using a single Cat5/Cat6 cable, a user can transmit data and high-definition video up to 1000 feet away. Buy online CAT 5 switches at a reasonable price from CAT5 KVM Extender.

cat5 kvm switches

This system converts the keyboard, video and mouse signals locally and transmits them across the UTP/STP cable to the remote location where the signal is converted back again.

Comprising a sender and receiver unit, with the former connected to the pc and the latter to the remote peripherals, this extender just needs to be plugged in and it’s ready for operation. It does not require any additional software or device drivers for setup.

Also referred to as the CAT5 KVM Extender, various functions or features are available such as providing dual-user access by connecting peripherals locally and remotely or enabling a computer to be attached to both the transmitter and receiver, thereby acting as a KVM switch.

Supporting a resolution of 1920 x 1440 @ 60 MHz, this system provides images with absolute clarity.