Affordable Food Stops in Cebu


As you crave for good food, it is also a great challenge for yourself and your budget. You may be a person that likes to look for good food spots that offer a decent and affordable menu.

We know that feeling when you really want to go out to find places where to eat with just a limited budget. Finding a good food and ambiance might usually be equated to an expensive bill but not all time. Here are some recommendations for traveler and backpackers who really want to save and answer their craving.

AIDAlicious Bacolod’s Chicken Inasal

Located at Banilad Road in Cebu City, this restaurant offers you delicacies from the city of smiles, the home of the best chicken Inasal. According to review sites, the restaurant is doing great in serving their foods.

Azul Tuslob Buwa

Located at Gorordo Avenue, with a budget for only 2 dollars, you can have a stomach filled. Tuslob Buwa is a pig brain’s soup, liver, spice, and hanging rice. It is popular in the social media for its uniqueness and tastiness.

Batchoy House 328

Located at Guadalupe, and in this place, we can answer your craving for good Batchoy at an affordable price. With a budget of 1 dollar, you will enjoy their Batchoy for an affordable price.


Located at the Tisa, Braddex will give a mouthwatering experience with the goodness of their Dimsum that has been known.

Ekits Pocherohan

Located near the Sarrosa Hotel in Panagdait, you will the Ekits Foodhaus. Take a sip and feed that hungry stomach with piping hot pochero that they serve and how this soup can actually crave you to eat rice without counting how many cups you’ve taken.

For your convenience, you can book for a transportation and you can have Cebu self-drive van with your friends or your family. Enjoy the foods of Cebu that you can find.