Massage Therapist Experience


A massage therapist, it is your responsibility to ensure the utmost comfort of your clients, making communication a vital part in an effective massage session.

But what do you do when your client doesn’t communicate? How will you know the appropriate techniques to perform when your client is offering you little or no feedback? Intuition, that’s how.  If you want skilled massage therapies then go to this website and get more details.

Intuition doesn’t count on verbal communication; it’s more of an interior knowledge. For massage therapy therapists and other body workers, being able to access your intuition is really important to become a powerful healer. Controlling this spiritual perception with your physical understanding of massage techniques can help guide you via a session by hearing and giving an answer to your client’s body and sensing their needs, without stating a word.

There are particular therapeutic massage modalities (mainly energy work) that want the therapist to make use of their instinctive senses. A lot more skilled you feel as a therapist, coupled with a heightened knowing of your intuition, the simpler it’ll be to let the hands guide you via a session without counting on your client for feedback. Think about intuition as your instinct. It comes by natural means, and usually doesn’t require much thought. It requires time and practice to be alert to this instinctive sense, so show patience and spend time every day experiencing this religious sense.

As a bodywork professional, trusting yourself and your intuition is key; throw away any doubts you may have and simply learn to let this inner sense guide you. When your client is unable or unwilling to offer a response during a massage, let everything else fall away and simply listen to the voice inside you.