Drip Irrigation For Bigger And Better Plants


Drip irrigation technique was created in the early 60s in Israel by Engineer Simcha. They named it “underground irrigation”. The aim to grow such a technique was not profitable at all.

It was just like only one tree, much better than his brothers that were located near a leaky tap in Simchas friend’s courtyard. You can also look for the most advanced greenhouse fertigation systems & technology by clicking here.

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Drip Irrigation method also referred to as underground irrigation and drop by drop irrigation, serves as its name suggest.  Drop by drop, water has been distributed to the active root zone of crops.  This procedure, if handled correctly, could be the most water-supply-effective means of irrigation, since runoff and evaporation decreased appreciably.

Now’s agriculture is often integrated with a vinyl sheet, further decreasing evaporation, and can also be a procedure of fertilizers delivery into the plants.  This procedure called fertigation.

Deep trickle, where water moves below the lively root zone, may take place if the irrigation change is running for a long time or when the irrigation request rate is too great.

Drip irrigation techniques differ from computer and high-end controlled to easy low-tech with the intensive labor involved.  Comparatively lower pressures is necessary for many kinds of micro irrigation systems.  The system could be planned using uniformity inside the area or to get precise water conduction into individual plants in an area containing a mix of plant types.