How To Choose The Right Replacement Pool Pump Motor?


Pool pumps, like any other machinery, can often get damaged, or require replacement due to overuse. Often, this just requires a change in the pool pumps motor, or capacitor as most people refer to it. Here is an easy step-by-step guide to help you choose the right motor.


1. Getting information

You can get the required part number, model, make and various other details, such as voltage, and capacity from the motor itself. Look at the motor label to help you identify these items. This is to be followed with a local search for the required parts.

2. Comparing motors

Once you have the information, you can compare it with models available at the various pool shops Townsville has to offer. Look for models with similar horse power, amps, revolutions per minute and service factor, in order to get the best match.

3. Compare manufacturers

It is a good idea to compare manufacturers for the models you find close to your original motor. Your retailer can give you a good idea about which works best for your requirements, although a quick search on the internet can prove helpful as well.

4. Pool-motor match

Get advice from your retailer or online experts as to what should be the best suited horsepower, or revolutions per minute, for example, for a pool of a particular volume. Make sure you know your requirements well, such as how frequently you use the pool.

After these steps, the only thing left to do is buy the pump motor that fits your needs and your budget.