Fundraising For School: Ideas You Can Use To Generate Profits


As we soak up the summer sunshine and our children enjoy long and lazy days with family and friends, it’s hard to remember we were all focused on school and sports activities just a short time ago. Unfortunately the summer days will pass, and soon we will be back focusing on our commitments. For most of us that involves our children’s education and physical health.

The start of the school year reminds us all of the need to help our education system with fundraising.Fundraising for schoolshas become normal, especially if we are active parents who wish to ensure our children get the best education possible. Whether it’s helping rebuild the school playground, supporting charitable endeavours, paying for spirt wear, supplying new equipment or supplies, or covering an endless array of field trips and activities, every school is active with fundraising.

At the same time of year, our children also begin to start all of their fall sporting activities, whether it’s soccer, football, hockey, cheerleading, dance, or another activity. Many of these teams will be active with regular season games or tournaments. Usually, raising tournament funds becomes a necessity, as we all want our children to experience what a tournament offers.

Whether it’s fundraising for schools, or raising tournament funds, is the perfect software to help you and your school or sports team. Plentti provides your group (or team) the ability to create your organization, add products or items that you would like to sell, then invite your members into your organization and allow them to support your efforts by buying online. Instead of harassing your parents in person, or sending home paper forms that need to be returned, engage them with Plentti by inviting them into your group, allowing them to see events and activities, communicate using email or text, and allow them to shop at their convenience in support of your fundraising goal.

Here at Plentti, we are working hard to make your fundraising efforts easier. All you have to do is start using our system. We wish you nothing but success!

The Plentti Team.