Fillable PDF Forms for Data Security


I work in a company that offers data security services to businesses. It doesn’t matter whether a business is small or large, the company that I work for has data security solutions for all kinds of businesses. The one thing I noticed during my stint as an employee in the data security firm is that a lot of businesses are hesitant to use fillable PDF forms. This has puzzled me and my colleagues. PDF forms are by far the most secure forms. Data collection and distribution using fillable PDF forms would help keep data secure.

In my company, there is a separate department which is involved in the promotion of fillable PDF forms. Their main job is to educate modern businesses about the features and benefits of PDF forms. They need to discourage businesses from using word forms, excel forms, html forms and other kinds of forms which are highly insecure. They help highlight the disadvantages of other kinds of forms and advantages of fillable PDF forms. Even I do my bit to promote secure PDF forms during my interactions with my company clients. Whenever I get a chance to talk to a client, I describe to how secure fillable PDF forms are and how insecure word and excel forms are.