Options To Get The Child Custody


There are number of child custody available, which parents choose on the divorce time. But the choose of child custody is not on the hand of parent, the child custody mainly based on the child interest and that particular state laws. Because each state has its own child custody laws. Mainly there are five types of child custody laws are present like physical custody, legal custody, sole custody, joint custody, and birth’s nest custody. For more information on child custody law you can check http://www.harrisfamilylawgroup.com/child-custody-attorney-los-angeles/.

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Physical custody: The parent, who has the right of physical custody, court will allow that person that their child will live with them. There is one more option available that is the joint physical custody option. But this option is not available in each state.

The joint physical custody allows both the parent to spend equal time with their child. Court also appreciates the joint custody laws, because in joint physical custody, child gets the chance to spend time with both parent and this help development of child. The joint physical custody only possible if both partner lives close to each other.

Legal custody: The legal custody gives to the parent, so that they can take their decision about their child health care, their education, their religious and also their upbringing. Many state also the give the option for joint legal custody. As in joint physical custody, both parents share their right toward the development of child same happen in case of joint legal custody. You could check here to know more about child custody.

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Joint legal custody allows both the parent to take a decision with mutual understanding about their child wellbeing. Sometime parents attitude issue created, during taking any decision about child. This conflict effect on child development. For joint physical custody both parents need patience.

Birth’s nest custody: In birth nest custody, the child lives in their family house, while the parents can switch from their or usually check out there. This custody is not bad for child but we can’t say that it is very easy. Because in this custody the decision making issue come in front of court.