Tips on Cleaning Gas Masks For Gas Mask Collectors


Gas masks are proofs of a painful past, grieved by many, and are symbolic of the engaging conflicts and hostilities of war. A mask collector may have an interest in the world wars, battle strategies, gun facts and other war memorabilia. If you are a collector, holding your collection clean is essential.

Here are the top tips for gas mask cleaning:

• Gas masks should always be arranged in a cool dry place, or stored in a clean case. You can also visit in order to get the glimpse of various gas masks.

• If you are giving your ancient collection the full valet, make sure that you have disassembled all the parts. Detach the hood from the face mask, and eliminate the eye guards and nose guards. Doing so means that you can get into all the nooks and crannies when starting your clean. 

• The hood can be cleaned simply using a damp cloth – use warm water so that any dirt comes loose as you wipe. 

• Eye guards can be dusted off with a dry cloth. 

• Nose guards, snorkel pieces, and the face mask need to be soaked in warm water. If you want to eliminate germs, add a bit of household bleach. 

• Once you have thoroughly soaked and washed all the parts, pat them dry with a clean cloth, then let them dry off completely in a cool, dry area.