Meet To Include Divorced and Remarried People


This can be especially accurate for divorced singles or those in irregular marriage situations if we are creative about finding ways to include them.

However, most parishes appear to fall into one of two groups: either they include divorced individuals (even those in irregular marriage situations) in everything (without consideration for the appropriateness of participation because of the current state) or they are not comprised in anything within an effort not to cause scandal.

When locating all these brothers and sisters in Christ compassionate, but suitable, parts neither of those strategies is comprehensive. It helps them cope together with loneliness and the pain that these scenarios can bring about when people feel connected with their church family. Our parishes ought to be safe locations that are a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

There are certain ways to help lessen the isolation some of our church members feel, without placing them in a posture of confusing other parishioners about Church teaching (regarding divorce and remarriage).

Consider recommending for yourself by proposing involvement in some of the following notions in the event that you are a divorced Catholic.

With guidance from strong, steadfast, catechetical-established leader, encourage divorced/remarried parishioners to start a support group for anyone in the parish in similar scenarios.

Attend Faith Enrichment System or a Bible study.

Help cook for visiting priests, or for events the parish is hosting.

Join a ministry team to send out cards to the bereaved.

Use your talents and treasures in social ministry works and social justice.